Sunday, February 12, 2017

Reversed Hippo or White Hippo?

Have you ever thought of playing the Reversed Hippo or the Hippo as White?
Well...a few strong players did. And in this and the next posts, we will show a few games by IM Jens Ove Fries Nielsen, GM Pavel Blatny, WGM Marta Michna, IM Aleksandar Wohl and the late FM Bernd Feustel 

  • surprise weapon;
  • probably no published articles/books on this opening;
  • As White moves first, it has the obligation to be active and attack. Playing the White play as you were Black;
As the above mentioned adventurous players will demonstrate, the White Hippo is playable and they won many games with it.
Is it worth a try?
Ok let's start with Jens Ove Fries Nielsen vs. Joerg Hickl where a fully grown White Hippo was shown
For the light notes we were assisted by Stockfish 8

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