Monday, August 27, 2012

The importance of chess tactics

Yesterday it has finished the Bratto International Tournament and these are the final standings.
On Aug. 22nd IM Janev played against GM Prasad. This is what happened:
and here Black played 10.Nb6!! with a winning advantage already on move ten...(see diagram)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bratto 2012; Montani - David 1-0

I have always been a fan of the italian Chess Master Francesco Montani. Today it has started the Bratto International Chess Tournament and Montani has won a nice game against GM David. Here it is for your pleasure, I have added a few computer generated analysis:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Practical Chess Exercizes" by Ray Cheng

The day before yesterday I purchased the Amazon's Kindle version of the book "Practical Chess Exercizes" by Ray Cheng.
A few seconds after I sent my order & payment, the e-book was available on my Kindle. Amazing! 
This work is the demonstration that one doesn't need to be a strong player in order to publish a useful and well written chess book. Also I love this Kindle edition. For instance see problem n° 4 as shown on my electronic device. White's winning move and a detailed explanation starting from 1.Kb2 is shown on the next Kindle page. As you can see the diagram is large and I can see it comfortably. Furthermore, the book deals with tactics, endgames, strategy and much more and nowhere you are told in advance the kind of problem you are facing, just like it happens in tournaments.
After I read 10 problems, I guess that the book is suitable for  players ranging from Fide rating 1500 to Fide rating 2.000.
A good book at an affordable price. I hope Mr. Cheng is writing a sequel now :-)
Here you can see some reviews of this book:
Amazon's customers book review BTW here you can read a preview as well