Sunday, May 19, 2013

Best Play: A New Method to Find the Strongest Move by Alexander Shashin

May 23rd update:
The book should be really available in  June 2013.

it is a real pity that the publication of this book

initially planned to be released in September 2012, has been postponed again.

Are there problems in the translation process?

What's happening???

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Loris Cereda discharged of the alleged accusations of cheating at chess

As it often happens....the bad news spread easily in the net.... in January 2013, the italian master Loris Cereda was banned due to cheating...
Cheating in chess – it's all in the news
but the good news, that later he was fully discharged has not been published with the same readiness :-((

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Update on my working through "The Steps Method" - Step 4                                                                  I have completed 50% of the "manual for Chess Trainers" and "Step 4 Workbook".
going through 247 exercizes while making 14 mistakes. That means a 94,3% hit ratio. I liked the quizzes and I find some of them quite challenging.
Just to give you an idea, here you will find a position that I liked under the topic "The magnet". Black to move:

As White threats Qxg7 mate, Black needs to hurry up.....

Solution:  1...Qh1+ 2.Kxh1 Bf3+ 3. Kg1 Rd1 mate

While here's a position where I went astray :-(    White to move.

I chose 1.Bg5 but 1...g6 keeps Black position. 
The right move is 1.Ng5 if fxg5 2.Qh5+ and double attack on the rook as well. While 1...g6 2.Qh4+ and mate in 3 to follow.