Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent interview to W. Anand where the chess engine Houdini is mentioned
"I want to change the style of the interview a little bit and give you a few quick, brief opposites where you have to choose one. Then you’ll realize that we’ll discuss a few of the subjects a little bit after that, OK? (...)
 OK, three: Fritz, Rybka or Houdini?"
Anand:  "Houdini."

Vujovic's Quiz: here's the solution

Isn't it amazing?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vujovic's Quiz posted on June, 19th -> promised help

White is winning and the first move is 1.Bd2+
Also, as the quiz is really difficult, you can set up the position on a chessboard, and you can try to solve it by moving the pieces if you want.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Remembering International Master Milorad Vujovic: very very difficult Quiz

This is a very very difficult Quiz. It has been published in an italian chess newsgroup called it.hobby.scacchi back in March 2001 by Mauro Scarpa. This man said that the Quiz had been shown him by IM Vujovic in Montecatini (Italy) in 1992. It was also contained in a pdf paper made by various authors in remembrance of IM Vujovic. Vujovic proposed this quiz to Mario Scarpa saying something like "You play white, I play Black and I win". or "I play White, you play Black, I win".
                                       White to move

                            Who is winning?
A help will be offered during the week.
Before showing it to you, I let the very strong chess engine Stockfish 2.1.1 analyse the position for about 10 minutes and it reached depth 23/59 without finding the right solution..........
Comments will be disabled in order not to spoil the fun :-))
Of course I wasn't able to solve it :-))
Have fun!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free chess spirits

A few minutes ago I was thinking to the open  minded chess players who are willing to explore new paths. I am grateful to Mike Basman, Gerard Welling, Philip du Chattel, Stefan Buecker, Mike Surtees just to name a few...and at the same time the thought flew to Jonathan Livingston Seagull....So glad that they exist...
UPDATED SEPT. 3rd 2011

Answer to the quiz posted on June 8th 2011

Black to move is winning. The position is taken from the italian translation of the book "Chess Positions" by C.H.O'D. Alexander

Ortueta - Sanz (Madrid, 1934)
 1... Rxb2 !! 2. Nxb2 
(2. Rf7 Rxa2 3. Nc3 Ra3 4. Rf3 Ba5 -+) 
(2.Nc3 Rc2 3. Ne4 c3 4. Kf1 Rc1+ 5. Ke2 c2 6. Kd2 Re1 -+) 
2... c3 !! 3. Rxb6 c4 !! 4.Nxc4 c2 with a won position.
If you want to check all the variations, please set up the position and check it with a chess engine.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


                        Black to move. Please assess the position:
  • White has a won position.
  • The position is even 
  • Black has a won position.
  • Black  is slightly better
and choose Black's move.
The answer will follow in the coming days. Readers' comments are disabled for this post only, in order not to spoil the fun :-)

My dear readers..

My dear readers,
please be patient. I am working on new posts, but I am quite busy in these days. New posts will follow within 4/5 days.
Thanks & ciao