Sunday, March 22, 2020

ChessMood: free courses for 1 week

ChessMood published this announcement:


We’re living in times when it’s important to support each other as never before...
Yeah, just by staying at home you can save lives…

...but at the same time, you can skyrocket your chess and help others as well.
HOW? 😮

We’ve UNLOCKED ALL of our courses, created by GRANDMASTERS.
That’s 100+ hours of courses!

We’ve spent a few YEARS creating all of these.
And now all of them have been unlocked for 1 week.

✅Step-by-step Grandmaster openings for White
✅Step-by-step Grandmaster openings for Black
✅ 20+ hours of commentary on games of World Champions,
and loads more...

You can click the link below and start improving right now!

But before you do that, please do a favor for me and for your friends.
Share this with them, helping to beat COVID-19 boredom, while doing something useful.

See you in the courses