Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mike Basman in action in the 2008 Surrey Open

According to the chess databases available, it seems that Mike Basman did not play any serious chess after the year 1998. But in 2008 he played the Surrey open. After the St. George experiments in the early 80's and Grob & Macho Grob games in the late 80's, in the 90's Basman started to play the Global Opening with an early h6 & a6. However in 2008 he chose a new set up: 1.f4 with 2.c4 or 1..c5 with 2..f5 or 1..f5 & 2..c5 Here are the for thought for ther UCO player! My thanks to IM Welling for having found these games.

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