Saturday, April 2, 2011

A message of hope dedicated to middle age players

Last week I was chatting with a chessfriend who is about 50 years old and his Fide rating is around 1600. He told me that before dying he would like to become a class A player. That would mean an increase of about 200 rating points. This subject made me think. How many players have reached a plateau in their rating increase and they seem to be "stucked" somewhere, including myself?  :-(
Today I want to share with you a success story. A story of a player who has obtained is 2nd and the 3rd & final IM norm when he became 50. I met FM Hans Klip in Bratto a few years ago. He was very kind to answer a few questions about an old game of his against Philip du Chattel. In recent times I have followed his games and not long go I discovered that he has become an International Master in 2010!
I want to congratulate him for this success. Also, I want to thank him because through his example he has shown me and you that it is possible to improve even if we are no more youngsters but middle age men! "Never give up" is the motto!

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