Saturday, April 16, 2011

A chess book to read if I should spend two months on a desert island

This morning I asked myself a question. If I had to spend two months on a desert island, which chess book I would like to take with me? The answer came quickly without any doubts:
[The Mammoth Book of]   "The World's Greatest Chess Games."  (By GM John Nunn,  GM John Emms,  and FM Graham Burgess.)

An amazingly cheap, thick & good book! I first came to know it when I read Lifemaster A. J. Goldsby "best book page" at
where he wrote about it:
"(...) This book is one of the best instructional and analytical books I have seen in my entire chess career. It is the collaboration of three authors: GM John Nunn; GM John Emms; and FM Graham Burgess. Some of the best game analysis I have ever seen in my whole chess career is in this book!!! There is definitely a lot of meat here. (...)" 
Here you can read a preview of the 2010 edition: 
and here are some reviews of this book 
As I have written in past posts, time and money are limited resources, so on this blog you will find reference to meaningful books & chess material only.

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