Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old...but not forgotten: "The Stonewall Attack" by GM Andrew Soltis

A lot of chess players are looking for a repertoire to play as White. This opening system should be easy to learn and with a low level of maintenance. If this is the case, you should consider the possibily to purchase Soltis' book "The Stonewall Attack".
The system consists of playing 1.d4 2.e3 with f4 to follow but different move orders are possible.    
This is what Soltis writes on pages 8 and 9 of his book.            

In order to show you that from the Stonewall Attack can arise exciting games, here you can see a nice game played by Gerard Welling before the publication of Soltis' book:


  1. Very Interesting! Too bad the book is out of print. Used copies of the book cost a hand and a foot.

  2. ....unless you search internet for a pdf.... ;-)

  3. I agree that the Soltis book may still be the best book on the topic. The articles I've posted on the Stonewall are also useful:
    Stonewall Attack
    The Stonewall Attack lecture notes
    Supplemental Stonewall Games

  4. A cumulative answer to the welcome comments:
    - to Farbror the Guru: Hi Farbror, yes, this used book is very expensive. Perhaps you may try the cheaper book by Soltis "White Opening System: Combining Stonewall Attack, Colle System, Torre Attack" where he gives basic info on the Stonewall. Here are some reviews I saw at Amazon's site:
    and this is the site where I look for the most of the chess books I am interested in:
    Also, please drop me a line as private mail at Thanks.
    - to the anonymous writer: I understand your point, although I DO NOT recommend it on a public blog like this.
    - to Michael Goeller: Hello Mike, thanks for your comment and links. That's great material (perhaps even better than Soltis' own book on the subject) and I do recommend it to every chess player interested on the subject.

  5. Thank you for the links and the advice!