Sunday, February 13, 2011

(Part 11)Tips for the improving UCO players rated between 1500 and 1800

UCO readings, amazing sources of inspiration:
UCO material is not generally dealt in "standard" chess magazines. So here you have a list of magazines where you can find some good & rare material about offbeat opening systems:

 In the beginning was "The Myers Openings Bulletin". Then came all the others. A real mine of chess ideas. If you can find some old issues  somewhere, grab them and do not le them go!
 About Hugh Myers
 C. Nakamura's Chessville article
 Chessbase : Hugh Myers (1930-2008), opening theoretician 
  R. Kennedy's Chessville review of Myers's book "A Chess Explorer
 Gary Gifford's wonderful chess magazine freely downloadable at
 In every issue tons of UCO/Gambit material.

 In german language you have the great Randspringer, Rainer Schlenker's creature.
 About Randspringer

More about Randspringer in german and a contact address to buy old issues

Last, but not least, we have S. Buecker's excellent Kaissiber. It is available in german language Kaissiber or in italian language I apologize for putting a small Kaissiber cover picture. But unless I do so the quality of the image would deteriorate. A taste of Buecker's writings

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