Saturday, February 5, 2011

(Part 10) Tips for the improving UCO player rated between 1500 and 1800

Play against your chess hero
This is how it goes. Let's suppose you have chosen to play Basman's "Creepy Crawly".
1st: obtain Basman's booklet at
2nd: play throught the games in order to learn the strategy;
3rd: start playing that opening against human players and chess engines (reduce the strength according to your own rating);
4rd: "Play" against Basman. This is how it goes: 
  • Obtain a file of Basman's Creepy Crawly booklet in pgn
  • Download Chess Hero
  •  Install Basman's Creepy Crawly pgn DB in Chess Hero.
  • Play the games against Basman using "Chess Hero" and check how it goes. BTW a strong chess engine will assess your own moves as well as Basman's

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