Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LEOpard 0,7c chess engine is born!

It is still an experimental and unofficial version with many limitations, but it works quite well, says its author at http://www.giocareascacchi.it/utility/forum/Chess-Engine/1986-LEOpard-U-C-I-chess-engine-.html
 The author goes on saying that it is an "indipendent" engine, meaning that it does not derive from existing engines, although he has staken many ideas and procedures from various open source engines such as
IvanHoe and StockFish. At the moment the engine it is not ready to handle the tablebases, but it should be ready by the end of the summer. On this version there are still some "Deep Saros like" set ups, but they will gradually disappear.
The first official version should be ready within September. At the above mentioned link, you can find either a download link + some games where LEOpard demolishes very strong chess engines at rather long time controls. Enjoy this experimental version, while we are waiting for the official release. Well done Daneel Olivaw! aka....;-))

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