Saturday, January 29, 2011

(Part 5) Tips for the improving UCO players rated between 1500 and 1800

Flash Cards

This idea is taken from the book “Chess Any Age" by Rolf Wetzell.

Compile a notebook (word processor file?) containing a list of positions where you went astray or you missed something in you own games. Also, you should give a title to each position. Periodically go through the positions to learn from your mistakes.

Here are two examples from my games:

Keeping the right concentration level in zeitnot
See diagram
Mora L. – Rozzoni D. Bratto “B” 2007
Black  played 37..Re2?? hoping for 38.Qxe2 Nc3 but I  lost immediately after 38.Qxd5
Just after I resigned, someone shew me I could have won with 37..b4!!
if 38.Qxd5 Rxd5 -+
if 38. Nf2 Nc3+  39.Qc3 bxc3 -+

Middlegame tactics
See diagram
Ferraris F. – Rozzoni D., Milan 2005
Black could have drawn easily with 24..Rxd6! 25.Rxd6 Qg2+ 26.Ke1 Qg3 with perpetual check.
If 26 Ke3?? e4 mates.

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