Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Part 4) Tips for the improving UCO players rated between 1500 and 1800

What goes on after you have played a few UCO moves learnt almost by heart? What shall you do then?

Once again, time and money are limited resources, that is why I recommend these books:

Middlegame Strategy
·         "How to reassess your chess" 4th edition by Jeremy Silman
·         "Simple Chess" by Michael Stean.

·         "Silman's Endgame Course" contains everything you need for the rest of your chess career. I am not joking.

They are really WONDERFUL and HIGHLY instructive. Especially Silman's books have an excellent page per dollar ratio.


  1. Nice Stuff! Is the b-formula freely available? Is the Audio chess site still active? I mailed them months ago but I am still waiting for a reply.

  2. Yes, Audiochess site is still ok. Last year they sold me some good UCO material. Ciao

  3. Could you provide me an email adress? The link to email at the site does not lead me anywhere.

  4. Try to contact them this way: