Sunday, May 5, 2013

Update on my working through "The Steps Method" - Step 4                                                                  I have completed 50% of the "manual for Chess Trainers" and "Step 4 Workbook".
going through 247 exercizes while making 14 mistakes. That means a 94,3% hit ratio. I liked the quizzes and I find some of them quite challenging.
Just to give you an idea, here you will find a position that I liked under the topic "The magnet". Black to move:

As White threats Qxg7 mate, Black needs to hurry up.....

Solution:  1...Qh1+ 2.Kxh1 Bf3+ 3. Kg1 Rd1 mate

While here's a position where I went astray :-(    White to move.

I chose 1.Bg5 but 1...g6 keeps Black position. 
The right move is 1.Ng5 if fxg5 2.Qh5+ and double attack on the rook as well. While 1...g6 2.Qh4+ and mate in 3 to follow.

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  1. Hmm, I could't see anything for white after 1. Ng5 Rc8 so I put it on Stockfish and it agreed with the moves 1. Ng5 Rc8 and says clear advantage black :).