Saturday, March 23, 2013

1.g4 contributes to Enrico Faraoni's win of the 2013 Cuneo Province Championship

In the past we have already talked about  Enrico Faraoni's chess:
As I have met him during a a recent tournament in Melegnano (Italy)  I asked him about his 1.g4 & 1...g5 new games. He told me that recently he won the Cuneo Province Championship
and in that event he played 1.g4 one time against another CM. Here's the game he kindly sent me with his notes in italian language:

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  1. My attempt at translation of the notes, using Google Translate:
    8. Nh4! an excellent example of a decentralized horse that opens a range of resources (for white), black is impeded from ...Ng6 after which black would gain ground on the kingside and (8. Nh4)(also) restores mobility to the (white) f-pawn
    12. gxf6! the h5 weakness is easily attacked with Ng3, Bf3 and if ...Rg8. the (white) king possibly has a comfortable home while on f2
    13. f5 here there was an offer of a draw from the rejected white, but black has a pawn h5 weak and no possibility of active play
    15. b3 the theme of prophylactic restriction! The only active opening up of (the position is) Black's ...b5, ...c4, but his king behind open lines does not enjoy a safe location ... remember that black is forced to look for active situations before the B takes aim at the pawn h5
    [25. Ne2 Rhe8 26. Qb5 it is also good for black]
    29. Qa6# with this victory White has mortgaged the third round victory at the provincial wedge