Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saros Vitruvius: works in progress

Carotino is working on a more human-like chess engine starting from Deep Saros and its name will be Saros Vitruvius.
Here's a link to an interesting discussion for the english speaking friends
and this is a link to a similar discussion in italian language
I can't wait to see an official release of Saros Vitruvius!
THANKS Carotino!
Sept. 11th Update
Vitruvius 0,82b is downloadable at
"This is still an experimental version still keeping a strong positional feature. It is not an engine devoted to play against other engines, but if you choose to let it play against other chess engines, he needs some time of reflection.. The analysis and the need to check possible positional sacrifices require more time than a standard tactical analysis" says its author, in italian language, on

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