Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Answer to the quiz posted on June 8th 2011

Black to move is winning. The position is taken from the italian translation of the book "Chess Positions" by C.H.O'D. Alexander

Ortueta - Sanz (Madrid, 1934)
 1... Rxb2 !! 2. Nxb2 
(2. Rf7 Rxa2 3. Nc3 Ra3 4. Rf3 Ba5 -+) 
(2.Nc3 Rc2 3. Ne4 c3 4. Kf1 Rc1+ 5. Ke2 c2 6. Kd2 Re1 -+) 
2... c3 !! 3. Rxb6 c4 !! 4.Nxc4 c2 with a won position.
If you want to check all the variations, please set up the position and check it with a chess engine.

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