Friday, March 24, 2017

About GM William Lombardy

In this video you can see Magnus Carlsen winning easily against a chess player via a proxy child with a hidden earpiece.
At 52" (also at 1'22") you can see GM William Lombardy watching the game 

Apart from Lombardy's own chess merits, according to Wikipedia:
  •  he was the only World Junior Champion to win the title (year 1957) with a perfect score; 
  •  he won three individual Gold medals between the Men's Chess Olympiads and the World Student Team Tournament (Under 26 Years Old)
Lombardy offered a meaningful support to Bobby Fischer during the 1972 match

As a 2016 ChessBase article reported that GM Lombardy was facing serious financial problems, please know that his chess autobiography is available through his website:
and on the same site he offers private chess lessons

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